10 Adrenaline kicks in Auckland

The ten best Adrenaline kicks in Auckland

Auckland usually manages to get on the Top 10 list of the cities with the highest quality of living. Sometimes people mistake Auckland as the capital city of New Zealand (Wellington), but Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand and offers a lot of attractions for those who know. Here is our Top 10 list of things you should do.

  • You might not expect it here, but you can actually do a Bungee jump from the Auckland Harbour Bridge. 27 years ago A.J. Hackett got arrested for doing Bungee jumps, nowadays Bungee jumps are legal and a big attraction in New Zealand. For 150 NZD you can try the 40 metres jump where you can even touch the waters’ surface – they call it “Ocean Dip”. Check this video for some impressions:
  • If you seriously want to make some distance you can try a jump from the Auckland Sky Tower. For 225 NZD you can jump 192m right into the city centre. While this is no total freefall like a Bungee jump it still gives you a thrill. Have a look here.
  • An alternative on Auckland’s Sky Tower is the “Sky walk” for 145 NZD/ You get a security harness and walk around the edge high above the sky. Your guides will be entertaining and a source of local knowledge. Find out more on this clip:
  • If you look for all-day action you can go to Piha which is an hour drive from Auckland. There you can go canyoning. An exciting mix of climbing, swimming, sliding and cliff jumping is waiting for you for 195 NZD (7.5 hrs). There is a shorter option for those on a tighter budget (160NZD) which is around 5.5 hours long. Check this link out
  • If you want some scary but not physically exhausting hours you can go to the Auckland Aquarium for a shark dive. It costs 95 NZD (book online to save some money) and includes the regular entrance fee for the aquarium of 36 NZD. It is a cage dive of 15 minutes and the whole program is around 1 hour. Another option is to swim with sharks without a cage, takes around 2.5 hours (you need to be over 18 year old) and the regular price is 230 NZD – look for online deals. Here is a nice clip to get motivated:
  • Those who like water but do not want to get wet can go for a jet boat ride in the Waitemata Harbour for 85 NZD. You will enjoy a 35 minute round trip.
  • A bit more chilled-out is the 40 minute ferry ride from Auckland to Waiheke Island and costs around 36 NZD return per person. Once arrived you will find shops and bars in Devonport and Waiheke Island’s Wine attracts many people.

  • Another option on water is a kayak trip to Rangitoto Island. It’s pretty amazing and just starts after the peak heat of the day around 4PM when you can paddle the 5 km to Rangitoto Island where you can do a one hour hike with stunning views. Included in the 185 NZD for the whole tour is the BBQ which starts after that. At night you paddle back to Auckland where you will arrive around 11 PM. This is a completely different angle to view Auckland’s skyline at night. Check here:
  • If youre on a budget but like to be mobile and active rent a bike at Adventure Capital. For 4 hours we paid 15 NZD, for a full day it was 20 NZD, overnight 30 NZD. We can recommend to take a route along the harbour to the Harbour Bridge. Or you ride to Mission Bay, but this is 8 km away from the city centre.
  • And if you then want to have a free option with stunning views, head to Mt. Eden, a 196m above sea level lying volcano which is the highest spot of Auckland.