Fishing around Motunau

New Zealand is a great fishing destination as there is so much freedom. For fishing in the Ocean you do not need a license, freshwater fishing requires one, but it is not too expensive and you can get anything from a 1-day licence up to a year or simply just a season.

Our boss Volkmar has a lot of fishing experience and knows the area. We recently went on a trip to Motunau which lies north of Christchurch. We went out around high tide to get over the shallow sand bar easily. Right after making it out of the river mouth, the water was calm and we went some 5 or 10 kilometres up north along the coast.

Volkmar immediately caught a fish, but then it got quiet on our rods. We decided to go another 10 kilometres further and eventually scored. We got 22 blue cods, what a success. On the way back we enjoyed the scenic cliffs and saw some seals on the shoreline. On the way back we prepared our fish and some curious dolphins showed up.

Back at the river mouth we briefly got stuck on the sand bar, but soon enough we where on our way again. Next time he wants to take a Quad and look for freshwater fish, another topic he is experienced with.