Twizel - New Zealand

Some travellers recommended to visit Twizel which is not usually part of most people’s itinerary who visit New Zealand. We went there and it was totally worth it. While exploring some local shops the friendly staff shared their local knowledge with us and told us where we could find the best fishing spots.

For freshwater fishing in New Zealand you need a license which we bought at a local shop before we went fishing. We found a good spot at the river mouth of the crystal clear blue canals. You can actually see salmon passing by in the water. It must be an amazing spot in winter when the snow-capped mountains of the Southern Alps reflect on the surface of these canals. We didn’t end up catching anything, but we had a great time, especially the kids. After a day like this you’re usually pretty exhausted, so we headed back into town. Back on the campsite we prepared our dinner.

Traveling in one of Euro Camper's vans we had the right equipment to make it a really comfortable dinner and turned on the heater at night (when you head land inwards in New Zealand it can get chilly). The next morning was very sunny like it so often is in New Zealand and we made the best out of it getting up early for a walk on the lake. If you look for a peaceful atmosphere which usually does not get too busy take a day or two to for a visit.