Drivers licence

Can I use my overseas drivers license in New Zealand?

You need to have a license that has English language - therefore many European countries are having International driver licenses. Always beware if you need to have your international and national driver license both together to be safe. Another question is how local rental car companies handle it. In case if you are not sure you can always get in touch with us and we will let you know about companies' specifics.

Another question would be, what kind of vehicle you can drive:

Have a look here for further detail given by the NZ Transport Agency:

It says:

  • a vehicle that has a GLW or GCW of not more than 6000kg (this includes tractors and combination vehicles, but does not include motorcycles)
  • a moped or all-terrain vehicle
  • any motorhome or tradeperson’s vehicle with a GLW of not more than 6000kg

As a holder of a Class 1 full driver license you can drive Campers of up to 6000kg weight.