Self-containment - Where can I camp? What is self-containment?

There are many advantages if you have this little blue sticker and certificate on your screen.

It means that you can camp basically everywhere in New Zealand where it is not strictly forbidden.

This will keep you independent on your travels because you can spontaneously stay overnight where it suits you. The goodness about it is that you can travel from first light to last light because you will not end up standing in front of a booked out Holiday Park. At the same time freedom-camping saves money compared to campgrounds. So it is always good to consider booking a self-contained Camper.

The certificate, which also comes with a nice blue sticker for the camper, is issued by the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA), provided that it adheres to the following criteria:

1.       Fresh water supply: 4L per person per day (i.e. minimum 12L per person)

2.       A sink

3.       Toilet: 1L per person per day (i.e. minimum 3L net holding tank capacity per person)

4.       Holding tank: 4L per person per day (i.e. minimum 12L per person ) and monitored if capacity is less than the fresh water tank

5.       An evacuation hose

6.       A sealable refuse container (with lid)

Contact us to find out which companies have certified self-contained Campers. Some of them come with a toilet but are not certified as self-containment Campers. Always beware of that when it comes to freedom camping.